Jacob Veloo is a sound designer, composer, saxophonist, and occasionally a guy that likes writing what he finds to be humorous stories or science fiction novels. Never at the same time, though. He also is the proprietor of the reality-reinvigorating startup #Valiscorp. #HolyGuacamole. He lives in Kobe, Japan, and likes making music, exploring sonic possibilities, and pushing the limits of what words can and cannot do, which is a lot. Odyssey EP is available for download at bandcamp and feel free to check out soundcloud for more tracks. His very publishable unpublished science-fiction epic of 100,000 words called IDOTANIA: ONE OF MANY – A COLLECTIVE SEA OF HUMAN RETURNS TO CELLULAR UNCONSCIOUSNESS is also unpublished but he will send you a copy to you if you ask him nicely or tweet at him about living information or the Tibetan Book of the Dead.